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>> group >> other the groupality. >> bret: i can see why it didn't make it on. "special report" online starts right now. the president interviewed. go bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> of the president doesn't often get mouse trapped especially by the likes of bill o'reilly. >> bill o'reilly who claims he is such a patriot. how unpatriotic in my view to treat a president that way. >> bill: the far left in a lather over my interview with president obama. but why the angst? the answer is power. laura ingraham and dick morris will analyze. >> a lot of americans feel that you are a big government liberal. >> a lot of americans believe that. >> i give you credit. you have a pretty big viewership. >> bill: body language breaks down the super bowl sunday
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interview. that should be interesting. >> get a kick in there, billie. >> bill: dennis miller will weigh in on the interview, the super bowl, and michael moore suing to get money. say it ain't so hefty man. [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you are to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. power, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as predicted in my newspaper column, which you can read on bill o', extremists on both the right and the left did not like my interview with president obama but for far different reasons. on the far right, many folks simply despise the president and want him disparaged at all times. on the far left, this is about power. they are losing it. the uber liberal coverage of my interview was nothing short of
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hysterical. reported that i interrupted the president 20 times in 15 minutes. now that figure has risen to 42 times in some crazy left wing forums. by tomorrow, i will have bound and gagged the president during the interview. now, i really got a kick out of my pal bill maher telling the world that he was offended, offended by the tone of that interview that i was far too aggressive with the president. bill maher said this. bill maher was offended. putting all that aside, there is a serious issue here. and that is that the interview made fox news look credible and responsible. by most fair-minded accounts, it was a lively respectful give and take between me and the president. he even seemed to enjoy it we covered a lot of ground in a fair and balanced way. thus, the world saw the real fox news, an aggressive operation but a fair one. that damages the far left tremendously. so they have to spin the situation lamenting how dreadful it all truly was.
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as fox news gets stronger, the far left gets weaker. then there is howard dean who has lost a tremendous amount of power and influence in this country. dean is all upset that i asked the president about redistributing income. >> the president doesn't often get mouse trapped, especially by the likes of bill o'reilly, but he did get mouse trapped that time. o'reilly laid out a proposition that is we shouldn't have redistribution. that's what governments do is redistribute. the purpose of government is to make sure that capitalism works for everybody, not just for the people who can run rough shot as they do often in washington by throwing and as the chamber has by throwing their money around. he missed that one because o'reilly laid out, framed a proposition that the right wing so often does, the president didn't see the frame and answered the question straight up. >> bill: yes, he should have. for the record dean is absolutely wrong that the purpose of government is to make sure that capitalism works for everybody. that is insane. no system can work for everybody. dean doesn't know his history
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and he doesn't know human nature. so the bottom line here is that power is shifting in america. away from the left wing zealots and toward a more moderate traditional approach to problem solving. i believe last sunday proved that that's the memo. reaction, radio star and fox news analyst laura ingraham. do you agree that the far left is furious that the interview was a success for fox news. >> first of all who needs adam smith and milton freidman whether you have howard dean. okay? i mean the idea that capitalism is about making sure that everyone is financially successful is in and of itself a great laugh line and bill maher should use that in next stand up routine. just because we here in washington, we love you so much. we decided to go through a couple of the craziest left wing web sites. one of them and probably one of the most popular ones in the last, i think it's 17 hours, they have mentioned fox news, i kid you not and you are usually mentioned in the interview is mentioned in many of them 17
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times. okay? 17 hours, 17 times. the left doesn't know what to do with liberalism because it's kind of not working on a whole host of issues. so, they have defined themselves derivatively through demonizing fox, it's fox's problem. it doesn't surprise me that they are criticizing you for the interview, right? because, if they don't criticize you, they actually have to stand for something. and that something, as we are seeing in the latest poll that just came out today about deficit approval. the president only gets 27% approval on the deficit, liberalism is getting really hard to defend. so the fault position is fox news is mean to the president. fox news is awful. fox news is terrible. fox news doesn't get its facts right. i say to my liberal friends out there. why don't you try something novel. propose some ideas that actually grow the economy and inspire people. find your own new liberal ronald reagan and see how that works out for you. but, the whole fox news bashing, it just is falling flat.
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>> bill: i think it's more than that. i think it's a nightmare. this is such a nightmare for the uber left. the "new york times" just ignored the thing entirely. that gives you a at this at thi. so did the "the washington post," pretty much ignored it it's a nightmare because the world was watching. tomorrow we will have the exact amount. they say 17 million people. that's not true. we will have the stat for tomorrow. but, above that, everybody watched it on the internet. i mean, eclipsed interviews all over the place. i submit most watched interview of all time. i can't back that up and quantify it. you have got to look at the internet carrying this every place in the world. >> but, wait. >> bill: but, wait, here it is. this was a successful. -- success. this was a huge success for fox news. and it takes away all the lies and propaganda that these people, as you just pointed out, trade on. they wouldn't have anything else to talk about. >> yeah. >> bill: day in and day out. >> the odd thing about this and
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one of the head libraries is o'reilly is officially in denial about fox news crusade against obama. bill o'reilly proves he is not worthy to kiss president obama's shoe. that's kind of interesting. [ laughter ] >> that's like eighth grade stuff. that's like eighth grade stuff. but if i'm a liberal and thank goodness i'm not. i pray to god every day and thanking him i'm not. if i were a liberal, i actually would be pretty happy about the interview as it came off if i'm liking president obama's policies. and i will tell you why. he comes across in this interview as very at ease. he decided to kind of laugh at the toughest questions, you know, you are a redistributionist. bill, and he was very kind of smooth and he seemed relaxed. he seemed like kind of a nice guy, right? and i think you represented fox news in a different way to a lot of people. that was good for fox. and i think for him i don't think it was a big -- it certainly wasn't a negative for him. if anything, it was a positive. why are liberals upset?
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>> bill: look, it really doesn't matter to the left whether president obama handles himself well. >> they just don't like you. >> bill: yeah. they are always going to say he did or he wasn't left wing enough. it's either he is the greatest guy or not left wing enough. >> bill, can i say that i might fall in, i guess, to your right -- what did you call people right wing extremists. >> bill: are you extremist on the far right. >> i don't know -- every time you say that i don't know exactly how are talking about. >> bill: you know who i'm talking about, ingraham. come on. >> no. >> bill: all you have got to do is listen to talk radio. >> o'reilly. >> bill: i'm not going to mention these guys' names. >> you came on my show monday. >> bill: i don't consider you a right wing extremist. i don't consider you that. >> i liked a lot of this interview. there is a lot of great stuff that came out of it. we learned a lot. the way he moved, the way he reacted, all of that was interesting. the only thing -- one of the things that i didn't quite care for and i didn't quite know why you did it this is no spin zone is when you said well, what can we do at fnc to be better?
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and, in my mind, bill, i mean, that's kind of getting it backwards. >> bill: i was very interested in what he had to say. >> bill, we are the number one cable network in the country. no one is writing articles how we are failing as a network. we are winning as a network. the question goes to him. what you can do that's better? he is going to give you advice on how to be better? that's ridiculous. >> bill: that's an interesting question. that's why i asked it. >> come on. >> bill: two more things before i let you go. number one there are right wing extremists on the radio, particularly. >> who? name them. >> bill: i legitimize them and they can do five shows on it i'm not even going to bother. >> all right. >> bill: vicious towards the interview. i don't care about them. they were in the same category as the left wing extremists. number two, the bottom line on this interview is that president obama, whatever he said, whatever you think of him,
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enjoyed himself, fox news acquitted itself very well. we gain in power. i don't know about the president but we gain in power. and the far left loses power. >> bill, one other thing on the tax cutter when he says i have cut taxes, bill that in and of itself was laughable. he raised taxes on drug companies and -- well, i think we saw through that. but, the left is in a full froth. you have succeeded if you have done that in my mind. >> bill: i feel bad bill maher was offended. >> he never said anything offensive about president bush in the last eight years, never. he is always a gentleman. anyway, it was fun. >> bill: next on the run down, dick morris. brand new poll laura referenced it that said the president is doing pretty well on egypt but bad on the deficit. then body language breaks down -- looking forward to that upcoming.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight gallop polls both good and bad news for president obama. on the egypt 7% -- 47% approve and 32% disprove. on afghanistan. taxes 42% approve.
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54% disapprove on taxes. on the deficit just 27% approve of the president's happened ling of it, a whopping 68% disapprove. joining us now from west palm beach, florida dick morris author of the upcoming book "revolt." you will see it march 1st everywhere. where what do you think of this poll. >> the think i like about that poll is the next line in that when they asked approval of his handling of the economy, which has got to be the key issue on everybody's mind. he had 30% approval and 62% disapproval. when you look -- his overall job approval is between 47 and 50. but you will notice every single issue his approval is below that even the ones he wins afghanistan and egypt it's below that taxes are much below it, and economy and deficit are way below it, that means it's going to trend down. >> bill: okay, but why? >> fluff. >> bill: let's start with why, if that's true and it seems to be according to gallup, his
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approval rating is higher than individual performance rating. >> bill: i think what's going on is that obama is moving into a new political ghings dimension where he is coming across as a nice guy, a good person, a reasonable guy, but not an effective president. and what's happening is that more and more people are following what he came across in your interview. most people watching that interview would say i like the guy but i don't agree with him. i think he is a good guy but i don't think he is right. and ultimately voters vote on issues. they don't vote on -- with incumbent president on this kind of personal whim. when michelle obama put out today that he quit smoking and doesn't dye his hair. those kind of things can help your ratings as a person but not as a president. it's a key point that i'm making all the time. and i make it in the opening pages of "revolt."
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you can't run against obama, the man. he is going to win that every time. we admire him as a man. it's as the president that you have to run against. >> bill: have to run against him as a problem-solver. >> that's what the republicans have to do. >> bill: did the president make any mistakes as far as tactics in the interview? did he make any mistakes? >> i don't think he made mistakes in that sense. but i do believe he is making -- a tactical mistakes, any verbal gaffes. i think he is making a great big mistake when he goes around telling everyone the recession is over as he implied on the interview. that we turned the corner. he said we have broken the back of the recession. when you do that, it gives a little bit of optimism in the economy. it gives people this feeling that he is just totally out of touch. i mean, when you look at it, bill, he has had two huge successes as president. one, he has cut unemployment by turning a million people out of the labor force so they stop looking for jobs. secondly,er has cut illegal
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immigration because there are no jobs for them to get. the point is that he is not -- when he says the things are good, the recession is over. good times are coming, he sounds a lot like herbert hoover in 1930. >> bill: i thought he made one major mistake. it would be interesting in the folks agree with me on this. the muslim brotherhood question. >> you handled that very well. >> bill: thank you, i appreciate it? >> when you came back after his answer and you said those are tough boys, i wouldn't want them anywheres near a government. >> bill: i'm glad you picked up on that. >> country agreed with you. >> bill: i'm glad you picked up on that. that's why we hire you morris, that's a tough thing. the brother -- he says there are strains of anti-americanism in it. that sounds like msnbc. there are strains of anti-americanism over there. >> sure. >> bill: but these are really, really, the muslim brotherhood,
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vicious, vicious, dangerous people. and i felt that rather than call the president a pinhead, which is what the some far right people wanted me to do oh yeah, come on, you don't know the danger there? what's the matter with you? i would just say wow, they are pretty tough boys i wouldn't want them anywhere neither government. that's just a statement that i make. it doesn't impugn his opinion. but i thought that was a mistake. i thought that muslim brotherhood question he needed tone gauge on that because egypt is obviously a big deal right now. >> well, this whole egyptian policy, i believe, is headed toward a catastrophe. because i think that what's going to happen is that eventually mubarak will have to go, suleiman won't satisfy them. i think the muslim brotherhood is going to take over. unless barack obama lays out a predicate of warning against the muslim brotherhood, and attacking them and criticizing them and warning egypt not to fall prey to them. when they do, he is going to look like jimmy carter creating
5:19 am
iran. >> bill: that is absolutely huge. >> it's so funny, this guy could lose office over foreign policy. >> bill: anything could happen the next two years. check out his book if you want to now on amazon and dick directly ahead former governor of minnesota, tim pawlenty, may run for president in 2012 and the governor is going to be here. then, dennis miller will analyze the big presidential interview. and michael moore suing to get money. oh no. that's impossible. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, one of the men who may run for the republican nomination in 2012 is former governor tim pawlenty. he has written a new book called
5:23 am
courage to stand an american story and joins us now. i understand you are going to make a decision shortly whether you are going to run. >> that's right, bill. >> bill: what i'm interested in tonight is i don't i don't want to talk about president obama and the economy because that can change in two years. i mean and it's going to but, putting the economy aside what do you think his main vulnerability is? say you have to debate president obama, where are you going. >> there are big issues that will lurk beyond the moment. one is the ponzi scheme and the federal government and spending patterns and his lack of urgency and sense of seriousness about that to tackle it boldly concerns me a great deal. >> bill: he told me he was. you saw the interyou have a. he told me he was very serious. >> bill, he proposed 400 billion over 10 years in cuts. that's 40 billion a year. they year spent it by 1.5 trillion last year with trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. that's not serious. >> bill: but, you know, that's a macroissue that a lot of people say okay, so you are spending a lot of money. how does that affect me?
5:24 am
can you make that an urgency issue? >> of course, it used to people set out the debt or the deficit. now if you ask people, it matters a lot because what they see is government that's not working very well, that's growing forever. spending like crazy. and it's starting to impact the economy in ways that -- >> bill: okay, specifically, what happens if the government doesn't reign in spending? what happens? >> what happens is they continue to push money into the economy. one of the things that's going to happen in the next two or three years, you will see inflation go up dramatically, you already see that now. you want to see a hidden tax on working class americans? run inflation up to 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8% a year. that's going to be back to jimmy carter era. by the way he reminds me a lot of jimmy carter. >> bill: print money to meet obligations. not worth as much. cost more. people's salaries go up. we are paying more for gasoline now. the debt and big spending that's
5:25 am
a deficit for, in your opinion, for president obama. anywhere else? >> something else, bill. there is a sense, and i know this is -- gets tossed around but i think it's true. he doesn't view america's role in the world as exceptional. and this equivocation of immoral equivalence i think is going to get him in big trouble. going to get the country in big trouble. you asked him in the interview before the super bowl you asked him in the eye and asked him three times would you allow or encourage the muslim brotherhood to be the victor or lead the country of egypt? he wouldn't say no. he ducked the question. this is is an organization that is anti-semitic. they support hamas. they have supported violent acts against israel in other places. you have the president of the united states sitting in the white house saying, you know, i'm kind of indifferent about that i choose not to comment. that's preposterous. >> bill: what do you think the motivation is for him not to condemn the muslim brotherhood? why do you think he doesn't do that. >> i would only have to surmise he would have to do that himself. >> bill: you don't know why he doesn't do it.
5:26 am
>> i don't i don't think he viee world or principles as strongly as i might or you might. >> bill: surely he sees the muslim brotherhood they gun down tourists. >> what danger does he say when we're going to re-set relations with russia and accommodate rushing shah. now we know more accommodations that were made to get that nuclear reductions treaty. >> bill: do you think he is soft? do you think he doesn't understand the danger in the world. >> you know this. you may have learned it in a back alley playground or business, it's true. bullies and thugs respect strength. they don't respect weakness. when you say president going on the one hand on the other hand it's will the moral equivalent your system and values are as good as ours. they are not. we need somebody to stand up, particularly the president leader of our free world and country to defend that and not run around the world apologizing and saying it's the same it's not. >> bill: what's the headline of the book. >> can you learn a lot from
5:27 am
hockey fights as applied to politics of life. >> bill: i like that because i'm an old hockey player. >> hockey have you been on it. >> bill: i have my own experience of hockey fights. >> do you have all your teeth? >> bill: i don't. and a lot of that was hockey. >> i grew up in a blue collar town and meat packing town. book on lessons learned in life and leadership and service with hard knocks along the way. not a big thick policy book. people will find it interesting for that. >> bill: thanks for coming. in we appreciate it when you decide what you want to do put us on. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: factor has chosen the best and worst super bowl advertisements. we will show you our selections. dennis miller analyzes the presidential interview and michael moore suing to get money. wow. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: body language segment tonight, we receive many emails asking for ms. tonya reiman taking a look at the
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presidential interview and here she is. you saw it live, right? >> i did. >> bill: watch the game, too. >> of coursement. >> bill: a lot of body language in the game. that's serious body language. >> that's powerful. >> bill: opened with howard dean's favorite sound bite the redistribution of income deal. go. >> bill: do you deny that you are a man who wants to redistribute wealth? >> absolutely. >> bill: you deny that? >> absolutely. bill, i didn't raise taxes once. i lowered taxes over the last two years. i lowered taxes for the last two years. >> bill: but the entitlement that you camp i don't know do redistribute wealth in the sense that they provide insurance coverage for 40 million people that don't have it? >> what is absolutely true i think in this country there is no reason why if you get sick you should go bankrupt. >> bill: okay. what did you learn? >> okay, so we know this is in the beginning of the interview but the interesting thing is by this point we would have thought there would have been a little bit more rapport. look at your body language compared to president obama. you still aren't in rapport in
5:32 am
this part of the interview. >> bill: i'm on the edge of my chair. >> you are sitting on the edge of your chair. >> bill: is he sitting back. >> your sitting on the edge is kind of like a pounce position. a little bit more aggressive. he is leaning back. but the difference is also you are very open. he is a little bit more closed and reserved, which tells me right off the bat that he was kind of expecting some maybe heavy questions from you, which is why he kept his body language closed. so, because of those differences, you can really see that you guys were not in rapport: you were not in cink. it wasn't a smooth back and forth. >> bill: wasn't like martin and lewis. >> it wasn't that comfortable. >> bill: those interviews are never comfortable. >> typically by this point in the interview people would start sinking body language to build body comfort one another. >> bill: i disagree with you not on an interview from a journalist looking for information and a president wanting to come off looking as strong as possible. i don't see how that could ever
5:33 am
happen. you can dispute me in the second one. the second one is about the controversial hate question. go. >> does it disturb that you so many people hate you? [chuckle] >> bill: it's a serious question. >> the truth is the people -- i'm sure previous presidents would say the same thing bush or clinton or reagan or anybody. the people who dislike you don't know you. >> bill: but they hate you. >> the folks who hate you don't know you. >> bill: that's true. >> the hate is whatever fun house mirror image that's out there. they don't know you. you don't take it personally. >> bill: now in the first question, the first thing, he laughs. hillary clinton does that. he laughs. not funny. >> it's a deflexion. >> bill: then he lifts to the left. what is that? >> he is deflecting to not only give himself time but amass the
5:34 am
feeling is he feeling. >> bill: he doesn't like the question. >> no. we always do that. when we get frustrated or angry we laugh because this way we can't display true emotion. there were few other things i thought were interesting. when you asked him this question you actually lifted up one of your feet. that's kind of like a gravity defying gesture it demonstrates that you feel confident and powerful. he, in return, gave you at the end of his piece the little thumbs up which we talked about. he uses these gestures to make sure that he always has the power play. and, here, you know, with that full palm at you, he was starting to get within the interview at certain points a little bit defensive. okay, let me get my point out here. >> bill: i interviewed him 875 times. is that the count now? it's like a telethon. keeps going up. final one was about fox news. roll the tape. >> bill: do you think you are being treated by fox news now? >> i would say that the news guys, i think, try to do a good
5:35 am
job. although, look, let's face it, fox news has, i think, a point of view. there is nothing wrong with that. there is a strong history in america of all news having some sort of point of view. and fox news has a point of view and i think that's part of our democracy. >> bill: do you respect it. >> absolutely. >> bill: are you buying that? >> you know what i loved about that? when he says fox news, do you see how he does this? that demonstrates how he really feels. fox news is to the right. because then when he talks about. >> bill: he moves his hands to the right. when he is talking about other news organizations that's forward. unconscious gesture. he is telling you how he feels about fox news news outlet. >> bill: on whole, on balance, all right? you have got two alpha males would you say. >> yeah. >> you say he is alpha too. >> i do say he is alpha, definitely. >> bill: is it a jockeying for power with body language? >> it was. one of the biggest pieces of this interview that i saw was the handshake.
5:36 am
that was huge power struggles going on with the handshake. >> bill: that was a sincere handshake, wouldn't it. >> you have to watch it in slow motion and you will see a severe power struggle. >> bill: tell me about the handshake in 15 seconds. >> he goes out like this. you go straightforward. let's do. this when he goes to shake hands. he pulls towards you and you palm him down. then it becomes this tug of war. >> bill: what does that mean? >> a power struggle between two alma if a men. >> bill: all i want to do is shake his hand and get out of there. >> unconscious and you watch and it see the difference between how two people interact. >> bill: all i want to do is say thanks a lot the uted of here. >> watch it in slow motion. >> bill: dennis miller can't wait to talk about the presidential interview and acknowledge that i won a super bowl bet with him. i can taste that expensive steak right now. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. three hot topics with the d-man eating a little crow caw joins us from los angeles. steve allen's remember that? i love steve allen. let's go first to the white house. and you say? >> well, you know, bill, this was like a mean line event to me. like karl. there is no win for you here in my book. you have got to put it right down the mean line and have 50% of the country think you are too soft and 50% of the country think you are too harsh. i think that was your mandate. your rice bowl that day. i thought you sweet spotted it. as far as you and him together, it's a bit of a rushaman people see it seven different ways. i know how you sigh see you two together. it seems to me it's important to you that he like you in a weird way. like even in your talking points tonight i heard you say i think
5:41 am
the president even liked it. i don't know, that's not what i'm looking for in an interview with barack obama. i want him to come in without a tie and leave in a neck brace. when he is meeting o'reilly, i want him to dread it beforehand. i want him to sweat bullets in the middle of it and afterwards i want him to say to axelrod what did i just say? i was like a bumper jack on that log rolling thing to stay ahead of it. here is my thing with barack obama. it doesn't come down to whether i like him or not. the white or black thing? is he a good family man? none of that matters. i see this country as lean, mean, and i want the citizens to be self-reliant. he sees it as soft and he wants the citizens or he is willing to concede some of them can be dependent. that's where i differ. that's where i would have braced him on that. i would have said mr. president there is a big game later today. do you think at the end of the game the winning team should give the losing team enough of their points so that it's a tie because that's fair? that's what i would have hit him with. >> bill: the problem with that line of questioning, miller, is that in a philosophical
5:42 am
argument, debate, whatever it is, he is going to eat the clock up with nine, ten minutes on philosophy and know that i'm not an income redistributionist, i just want a fair deal for the folks and the folks support me and it's not fair that they get thrown off the welfare rolls or insurance rolls or whatever rolls is he rolling around. it's an interesting point that you say likability. what i wanted to establish there for the millions of people all over the world, who don't watch the factor and fox news but who hear that we are the devil, is that we are not the devil. that there was a concurrent in addition to getting as much information and asking provocative questions which i think i did. i wanted to show the world we are not in business to dedemean barack obama. we are not in business to do. >> you are not changing anybody's mind on that. >> bill: oh yeah, i think we did. >> you are not changing anybody's mind. >> bill: i think you are wrong on that one. i really do. >> if you really think people are walking away from fox news interviews who rn 00 daily cost
5:43 am
and thinking. >> bill: those people you can't change their mind. i'm talking about the people in the middle who don't really watch cable but hear this kind of stuff, i think a lot of people's minds were changed. i think i'm right because i was, of course, right on the super bowl. you have to buy me -- i'm serving the country for the most expensive steak restaurant and we will meet you there. because i want them to roll the tape on this super bowl bet. go. >> bill: i think green bay is going to get to big bend. the defense is going to get to them. that will be the difference in the game 28-17. >> all right. we have got a steak dinner on that because i'm going with the steelers. but if plays that falcon game yeah, they win. >> bill: you are a good pittsburgh guy and i admire you sticking by your home guys. anybody could have won that game. it was a great game. >> like i said if wrongers rogers had almost a better game than falcon don't drop those four passes he is north of 400 yards. he played brilliantly. >> bill: i'm looking forward to that.
5:44 am
i am going to get an appetizer. bring a lot of credit cards. >> saint elmo place in minneapolis killer shrimp with the spice j sauce and get a nice honking steak. >> bill: saint elmos will be proud that you mentioned them. michael moore has a lot of credit cards to pay off. he is suing the weinstein brothers for more money based upon one of his movies, right? >> how many hot pockets can this toad jam down his massive pie hole into his pelican size throat for god's sake. you walk away from the weinsteins get 20 million out of the 23 they owe you. they should be suing you. when jimmy showed up at the cookie jar after rockford they said there was no money. 20 out of 23 million? this is unbelievable he got that much. why do you think they call it back end? that's where you usually get it with the weinsteins. trust me, he doesn't want to go to the mat with these gays over $3 million. he will get his face meted like
5:45 am
a guess at that point toe agent ark of the covenant in indiana jones number one. don't go to the mat with keep steins about money. michael moore is about to find out how ugly it can get. >> bill: the capitalism aspect of this is ironic due to mr. moore's socialistic proclivities. >> listen, moore has moved through ironic into moronic like that, billy. >> bill: trying to keep up with you with the verbiage, miller, it ain't easy. dennis miller, everybody. there he is. in a moment the best and the worst and the most controversial super bowl advertisements. then, pinheads and patriots
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? we have selected the best, the worst, the most controversial super bowl ads. here now to break them down fox news business anchor dagen
5:49 am
mcdowell and the fox business network. all right. let's start dagen, with the worst ad in the super bowl. ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> bill: ladies were crying because they wanted out of there. >> exactly what i was thinking. they looked like they were being tortured. >> bill: please stop singing, you are making me cry adrian brodey. >> if you are going to hire an oscar winner to sell beer, wouldn't you pick somebody in this country recognizes.
5:50 am
name one movie he has made since he won that award. >> bill: nobody knows what he does or that beer stella. >> i have thrown back a couple of stellas. >> bill: you have thrown them back. >> makes me want to drink bleach. >> bill: i don't drink beer. but if i did i i would think budweiser i like the horses. a little feminine, isn't it? i felt bad for the ladies. >> it was not funny. >> bill: nothing good about it. >> bill: here is the best super bowl ad. go. >> oh, babe, check this out. ♪ >> you want a dorito? are you hungry? >> don't hurt my dog. >> come on and get the chip. come on. here we go.
5:51 am
>> bill: why was that so good? >> it's genius one two punch of a cute doggy and dude falling on his can. dude falling on his butt. that is a winning combination every time. >> bill: after that, everybody wants doritos? >> they remember it though. it was ranked in the "u.s.a. today" ad meter as number one. tied for number one. >> bill: they did a folks thing. >> they do it every year. this is critical. the guy who made this won the dorito's super bowl competition. >> bill: he was an amateur. >> 500 bucks he made that ad for. amateurs win. the pros don't get it. >> bill: i do not feed your dogs doritos or you will be walking them all night long if you know what i mean. here is the most controversial add. >> mountainous tibet. one of the most beautiful places in the world. the people of tibet are in
5:52 am
trouble. their very culture is in jeopardy. they still whip up an amazing fish curie. since each of us bought group we are getting $15 at himalayan restaurant in chicago. >> bill: we don't mind country being taken away from you and people slaughtered they make cheap food. >> group on made fun of the wrong group of people. the ceo comes out and issues a non-apology apology and then attacks the other ads that object phi women and then said well we are raising money for charity, which they didn't even have the tag in there, the address. they had to go back and add later to give money to charity. >> bill: i don't think we make fun of countries that are overrun by communist people. dagen mcdowell, everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring jimmy kimmel, the smurfs, and a presidential interview. right back with p and p.
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. first, last chance ladies to get a gift for the guys on valentine's day. patriot pens are huge this year. check them out on all the money i get from that website goes to charity. now the mail:
5:55 am
>> bill: he's on the factor every week that's nice. >> bill: perhaps because last month it was ranked 28th in the cable network universe. a dismal showing. fnc was number four primetime. >> bill: i should have turned down a white house interview? wouldn't be prudent. >> bill: not according the polls. the country was evenly divided.
5:56 am
>> bill: let me get this straight you are criticizing me because i want a healthier america and that will mean more federal spending. your proposal is, let's all die early. all right, i guess that would help. >> bill: that supreme court ruling should come down soon. you get pinheads and patriots free if you become a premium member.
5:57 am
>> bill: i'm looking forward to doing that. finally pinheads and patriots. as you may know the whole country continues to talk about the super bowl interview with president obama. here's jimmy kimmel's take. >> we took the sound from the new clips of the interview and combined it with an old episode of the smurfs. i think it is better. >> i sincerely want to know what i can do better? what can fnc do better? >> give people the facts. i would say there's a strong history in america of all news having some sort of point of view. fox news has a point of view and that's part of our democracy. >> do you accept it? >> absolutely.
5:58 am
>> bill: all right, is patriot? last night we showed you yankee's star alex rodriguez being fed popcorn by the actress cameron diaz captured at the super bowl. i believe alex will be subject to a lot of popcorn jokes this coming season. that is it for us tonight. interesting tea points memo if you came in light you can get it there. spout off about the factor name a town if you wish to opine from anywhere in the world. when writing the factor, please do not be contentious. if you want to get your letter read on air, a lot of
5:59 am
competition. i'm thinking about 25,000 letters a week. if you catch my attention in the first sentence, you got a not at it. thank you for watching. the spin stops right here because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. >> it's thursday morning and it's february 10, 2011. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. president obama pledging support for egyptian president mubarak. could it be because the king of saudi arabia made him do it? new details of a phone call between the king and president obama. >> and the federal government spent $18 billion to train workers and create jobs. but a lot of that cash went to bar tabs and cupcakes. great. where are the jobs? the waste just keeps on coming. >> don't
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